Terumo Luer Slip Concentric Syringe 1ml - Box of 100 (Ref: MDSS01SE)

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The syringes are designed to be safe, convenient and represent the current state of the art in modern injection technology.

Every single detail is the result of Terumo's long time experience in this field which is appreciated by users throughout the world.

Smooth and perfectly controlled injection for reliable drug delivery
​Carefully selected materials – free from PVC or natural rubber latex – together with a controlled production process result in products of excellent quality and performance.

Performance enhancing features:

  • silliconisation for optimal and smooth plunger movement
  • firm and definite end-stop helps prevent the plunger from accidently being pulled out
  • finger grips support easy handling

Safety enhancing features:

  • transparent barrel provides easy recognition of air bubbles
  • clear printing allows precise dose management
  • easy recognition of air bubbles or flashback through the translucent hub

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