Joddor London Step 5 Invigorate 50ml

Joddor London Step 5 Invigorate 50ml

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STEP 5 INVIGORATE          Day/Night

Because every superhero needs a battle buddy Invigorate fights alongside Elevate for healthy skin

Correction time continues!

STEP 4, ELEVATE, is finding its way towards deeper layers. With INVIGORATE it helps to arrive there better and quicker. INVIGORATE is a light brightening fluid that works by strengthening ELEVATE. They seem to have a similar formulation, but what makes ELEVATE and INVIGORATE differently is the molecular size of the active ingredients. They get different positions within the skin, which makes these two products a 3D treatment.

The endpoint is treating the skin as a whole and not just part of the problem, for better and long-lasting results. The results are ongoing, which means that the more frequently you use the products, the more the effectiveness.

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