Joddor London Step 1 Cleanser 200ml

Joddor London Step 1 Cleanser 200ml

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STEP 1 CLEANSER          Day/Night

A cosmeceutical cleanser with the same pH as your skin

You might think that Refining Cleansing System is just another cleanser because it removes excess oil, makeup, sunscreen, and environmental impurities too. But it is more than that.

You could start treating your skin concerns by cleansing. Hyperpigmentation, age spots, melasma, wrinkles, or enlarged pores can improve while you clean your face. Discover the wonders of this gel cleanser with the mildest surfactants in the market, coming from coconut.

The only gel, gentle enough, to clean eyes.

Unlike other cleansers that have higher pH, Joddor’s refining cleansing pH is 5.5. That avoids irritation and sensitivity but also improves the penetration of active ingredients. Your first step in the transformation to healthier skin.

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